Proof that Overpopulation is a Myth: What’s Actually Happening to Birth Rates

World Overall Birth Rates are Actually Declining – The Myth of Overpopulation People have been talking about overpopulation for a very long time. It all really started around the end of the [...]

The Effect of Spoken Words: Experiments Using Compliments Vs Insults

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Accountability is the Theme for 2018

f you follow my posts, you’ve probably noticed I like to talk about technology, its implications, and how we can apply them in the workplace. The tech world resonates with me not just because I [...]

Workforce Diversity:The Benefits of Hiring Experienced Talent

Prejudices in the hiring process extend beyond traditional notions of diversity In the first part of this series on workforce diversity, we examined the ongoing hurdles women must overcome to [...]

What Star Wars Teaches Us About theDark Side of Silent Business Cultures

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