Sunil Bagai’s Keynote at VMSA Live 2018 where is talks about the Hiring Automation: Powered by Machine, Networks and Human Intelligence.

We are in an era of Exponential Growth. And only companies that can grow at an exponential rate will survive. Find out the three main drivers of exponential growth and how you can put them to use in your company for the company boom.

Jim Coughlin sits down with Sunil Bagai to talk about exponential organisations and what it means for business in the future.

Crowdstaffing is a private marketplace for staffing curators that specialize in hiring contingent workers. The model accommodates scalability and niche positions, utilizing global recruiter entrepreneurs with the assurance of 100-percent compliance for MSP/VMS programs. The profit-sharing compensation structure drives intrinsic motivation, which results in higher quality talent and faster placements.

In this 2014 talk at Zentrepreneur Live in Puerta Vallarta, Sunil Bagai provides 10 essential tips for hiring amazing people and achieving business success. Whether you are a startup or large organization, hiring the right people is key to building a high performance team. Learn how simple it can be to attract top people that have a meaningful impact and are a perfect cultural fit.

Crowdstaffing- Tap Into The Crowd

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